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In a one-week workshop we explore together with local creatives the diverse facets of a city. Our approach focuses on a design problem solving methodology. How can designers contribute to the quality of life in fast growing cities? How can a design perspective contribute to solve urban problems? Students or local creatives from e.g. visual communication (graphic design, illustration, photography) develop themes and concepts referring to their city, reflect on personal experiences, examine problems, create new visual entities or present statements, solutions and interventions.
The young local creatives are sensitized to their social and cultural environment and are encouraged to take an active and responsible role in a complex and diffuse urban society. Seeing their future profession not just as a deliverable but as an invitation to research, engage and to stimulate positive change.

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The final product of this intensive week is a multifaceted and inspiring off- and online magazine presenting all the creatives’ work. The reader gains new surprising and diverse insights into a city’s life. It inspires, invites to continue researching and to get engaged.
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